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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WattHead Returns

That's right, I'm back from my wonderful grand tour of six American National Parks. There's a lot of beauty out there in the world and these six parks encompass some great examples of the unique and wonderous places in the American West. Now I have a few days of downtime to catch up on all the energy news I missed out on in the last couple of weeks and maybe write a couple of entries for my blog. This weekend I move into my new apartment in Eugene for the beginning of my senior year. I will likely begin work on an energy related thesis as well as continue work with the Ecological Design Center. My current plan for the thesis is to compare several alternative transportation options including various pure and hybrid combinations of biofuels, zinc-air fuel cells, batteries and/or hydrogen PEM fuel cells. Any research leads any of you can offer on those subjects would be appreciated. Also, any ideas on energy conservation projects for a largish university you have would be appreciated as well as I will be looking for projects to implement for the EDC this year. Anyway, enough about me, back to alternative energy, sustainability and climate change etc...

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