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Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Watthead!

Woohoo, Watthead turns 3 today! And to celebrate, here is a globe-shaped cake!

Watthead has published more than 600 posts in its three years of existence, received hundreds and hundreds of comments, and witnessed many very exciting energy and climate-related events in the Pacific Northwest, our country, and the world.

Most recently, we have seen energy emerge as the number one election issue in America. Both major presidential candidates are constantly speaking about their plans for America's energy future, and even celebrities like Paris Hilton are taking a stand on energy. As the energy and climate debate continues to evolve, Watthead will be there both covering and contributing to this exciting conversation.

A big THANK YOU to Watthead's hundreds of readers. We look forward to your continued comments as we move forward into the sustainable, just and prosperous future we know we can create together!

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