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Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome Readers

With my post 'running the numbers' on the Bloom Energy fuel cell - their "magic" Bloom Box - now hitting the 'most popular' and 'most emailed' posts lists (currently #4 and #6 on each list), I'm happy to welcome many new readers to - Energy News and Commentary. (The post has also topped the front page at and, so welcome to readers from those esteemed sites as well).

For those new to WattHead, the site is now in its fifth year (6th Anniversary will be this August) and has over 1,000 posts in the archives providing news, original analysis and opinionated commentary written by myself as well as the more than two dozen sometimes contributors, a group that includes some of the brightest and most insightful young thinkers, writers and activists on the web.

For new readers, please dig into the archives, which you can peruse by date and by topic in the left hand column of this site. You'll find content ranging from clean technology reviews (like the Bloom Box post), climate and energy policy analysis, and opinionated commentary on a range of issues relating to the ongoing transition to a clean and prosperous energy future.

If you're interested in finding out more about who I am, my bio is available here, and more of my writing can be found at website of the Breakthrough Institute (where I direct the independent think tank's energy and climate policy program) and, where I'm a featured writer. You can follow my updates on Twitter @JesseJenkins and subscribe to posts on Facebook here and on RSS here.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy the site, and please leave any feedback in the comments here. Cheers,

Jesse Jenkins
Founder and Chief Editor -


scott said...

jesse, deserve it...


Jesse Jenkins said...

Thanks Scott. Appreciate that!