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Friday, April 02, 2010

Oregon Governor's Race Pits Three Clean Energy Champs

This year, Oregon voters will get to chose among a field of gubernatorial candidates that all have pretty strong clean energy and environmental chops and long track records serving Oregon.

The Democratic contenders include both former Governor John Kitzhaber and former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, well known in Oregon and nationally as an outspoken climate change champion. Bill was one of the first 50 participants in Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Change training sessions and has given more than 200 Climate Change in Oregon presentations.

Even Republican contender and former Pixelworks CEO Allen Alley worked as deputy chief of staff to outgoing Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski, helping the governor usher in many of his signature clean energy initiatives, including the state's renewable electricity standard and a suite of other clean energy policies in 2007.

On March 30, the three gubernatorial candidates participated in a spirited debate at Portland State University on their visions for Oregon and plans to cement the state's long-standing record as an environmental innovator and, more recently, clean energy pioneer. You can watch the debate here:

So, who's your pick for the best clean energy and environmental champion to take the reigns in Salem?

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