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Friday, August 27, 2010

WattHead's Fifth Birthday!

Time sure flies! I nearly forgot to note the passage of's fifth birthday as a blog!

Inaugurated August 11, 2005, WattHead now enters its sixth year featuring energy news, original analysis, and opinionated commentary on the critical transition to a clean and prosperous energy future.

The blog has evolved from my personal site to a group format featuring writing from some of the web's smartest thinkers, including a cadre of the brightest young energy writers.

Special thanks is due to our readers, to the many contributors who have joined the WattHead team over the years, to the team at who have partnered with to syndicate and feature content from this site over at the wonderful Energy Collective community, and to our advertisers, who help generate some extra beer money to keep this blogger coming back for more, year after year.

Here's to five more years!

-Jesse Jenkins, founder and chief editor,

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Mark Lazen said...

And from all of us at The Energy Collective--a huge thanks to you Jesse, and all the crew at Watthead. Five more years--let's do it!