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Friday, February 04, 2011

Webinar: China and Energy - Innovation, Competitiveness, and Meeting Soaring Demand

On Monday, I appeared on an hour-long webinar hosted by on China and Energy, diving into questions of energy innovation, competitiveness, and the challenge of meeting China's soaring demand.

Carolyn Bartholomew, a commissioner on the US-China Economic Security and Review Commission joined myself and moderator Marc Gunther to dive into the issues at stake.

We discussed how China can be both the world leader in clean and dirty energy, simultaneously leading the world in the production of clean energy technologies and global contributions to climate-destabilizing carbon dioxide and coal consumption; the economic stakes of the global clean energy race and China's rising prowess in clean tech innovation and production; and the huge scale of energy demand in the rapidly developing nation.

You can give a listen here.

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