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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Energy Protesters Continue Sit In at Senator McConnell's Office - Arrests Expected at 6:00 pm

Ted Glick, coordinator of the US Climate Emergency Council (USCEC) and on the 99th day of a climate emergency fast, along with a number of other people, continues their sit in at the office of Senator Mitch McConnell. They are demanding a meeting with Senator McConnell to discuss the need for a strong renewable energy package to be included in the Energy Bill currently being negotiated within the Senate.

Senator McConnell's office is scheduled to close at 6 PM. Glick and others plan to refuse to voluntarily leave at that time and will risk arrest if necessary to press their demands.

“Negotiations are going on in the Senate between Republicans and Democrats as we speak,” Glick said. “We are demanding in those negotiations that they have to retain a strong renewable energy mandate.”

To do otherwise, he said, “is morally wrong, wrong for the planet and wrong for our pocketbooks.”

Courier Journal coverage here.

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