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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hilarious Video: Coal: Cheap, Abundant, Clean ... er, well, Cheap at Least

So I know this is an old video. I first saw it back in August. But in light of the "clean" coal ad blitz these days, this video spoof of a coal ad is just perfect.

Clean Coal USA has bought up the top Google Ad for "global warming" keywords for a while now (another reason you won't see Google Ads here on WattHead). I also just heard that people from the coal front group Americans for Balanced Energy Choices dressed up as Santa spent Tuesday standing at the Capitol South metro stop in Washington D.C. handing out fliers with the tag line "Even Santa is rethinking his position on coal" with a photo of a jolly old saint nick holding a piece of delicious, delicious coal in pristine white gloves. Barf!

So enjoy this parody. Then watch the real clean coal ad that follows and see which one you think is more ridiculous!

Now for the real ad, this one courtesy of GE's "ecomagination" series. This didn't run for that long on TV, given how audaciously absurd it is. I guess GE is simply following the age old wisdom of advertising: when all else fails, sexy sells!

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