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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Full Funding of the Green Jobs Act has a chance on the Senate floor tomorrow!

Word from our friends at Green For All is Senator Bernie Sanders is going to offer an amendment on the floor tomorrow to the economic stimulus package, asking for them to add in full funding of the Green Jobs Act. This Green Jobs Act was included in the 2007 Energy Bill but has yet to be funded.

Tell Congress it's time to "GO GREEN AND GO EQUAL in the stimulus package: fund the Green Jobs Act tomorrow and support the Sanders Amendment!"

If possible, please help spread the word, hit your email lists and encourage everyone you know to call their Senator's DC office as soon as possible, ask to speak with the staff person working on the economic stimulus package, and ask that staff person to support the Sanders Amendment to fully fund the green job workforce training program.

With Focus the Nation events tomorrow across the country (!), here's another idea: bring your cell phone and a list of phone numbers for your state's Senator's offices to your Focus the Nation event! Grab people who are jazzed up from Focus and tell them they have a chance to help create thousands of new green collar jobs... all they have to do is take two minutes to call their Senator from your phone (or there's) right now! Just an idea... Time is (very) short, so seize the opportunity and get on the phone!

Here's the skinny:

1. Call your Senator's DC office. Contact info available here...

2. Ask to speak with the Staff person working on the Economic Stimulus Package

3. Ask for your senator to support the Sanders Amendment to fully fund the green job workforce training program.

On a related note: the Senate has included extensions of critical clean energy incentives in their version of the Stimulus Package, heading to the floor tomorrow. If we get the Green Jobs Act funded, we'll have a clean, green stimulus that'll help us on a path to a sustainable, just, and prosperous future! Spread the word!

Green For All!


dave said...

I get the impression that the staff people of Lisa Murkowski (R - AK), and Ted Stevens (R - AK), had never heard of the Sanders Amendment! Still, I guess it never hurts to let them know.

Anonymous said...

I hope the same thing happens in Italy. I work as a hydropower engineer ( and in our small company we cannot finance research unless we have taxes cuts.