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Monday, March 09, 2009

Timothy Den Herder Thomas: Inspirational Clean Energy "Solutionary"

Timothy Den Herder Thomas is a pioneering young activist who tirelessly works to advance innovative, community-scale, tangible solutions to our energy and climate challenges.

Building on his success at Macalaster creating innovative financing mechanisms that capture the profitable nature of a clean, efficient energy economy and use the funds to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future, Timothy is now helping launch a nationwide effort called Summer of Solutions, or SoL for short. SoL will combine time-tested community organizing techniques with cutting-edge clean energy social entrepreneuralism to build community, cut carbon and maybe even launch a network of "solutionaries" - solutions-oriented, innovative revolutionaries.

After highlighting Timothy's story in my recent three-part series taking an in-depth look at the dynamic and inspiring youth climate movement, my attention was brought to this wonderful video about Timothy and his efforts produced for the Brower Youth Awards (Timothy is a 2008 Brower Award winner). Take a look, and let yourself be inspired by this soft-spoken, even goofy kid from Minnesota, my friend, Timothy:

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