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Monday, March 29, 2010

Poet Biofuels: Charting the Future of Ethanol?

From its start on the family farm with a single farm-scale ethanol facility to dozens of multi-million gallon per year biorefineries dotting the Midwest countryside, POET LLC of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is now the world's largest biofuels producer.

Today at I've posted an exclusive podcast interview with Nathan Schock, director of public relations for Poet. We discuss biofuels, the company's plans for a next-generation cellulosic ethanol biorefinery, and the future of the ethanol industry.

Head over to to listen to the full podcast interview and find out more about Poet's cellulosic ethanol plans, hear Schock defend the current excise tax credit for corn ethanol (which contributor Robert Rapier has argued is now a big waste of taxpayer dollars), and a discussion of the most important policy steps Washington can take to help innovative firms like Poet make commercial cellulosic ethanol production a reality.

Give it a listen.

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