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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Daily Show Skewers Cape Wind Opponents

This is hilarious, because it's so true. As usual, the Daily Show has deployed satire to perfectly highlight the ridiculousness of the NIMBY opposition to the Cape Wind offshore wave energy project proposed for Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts.

For more on the story behind this so-funny-because-it's-true satire, check out this column from Wendy Williams, who appears in the Daily Show clip, and is apparently responsible for getting the story on the Daily Show.


Anonymous said...

..without mentioning the word "Democrat" or "liberal."

The Left Fields region is to Massachusetts what Massachusetts is to the United States-more liberal, more Democratic, better educated, less populated by nuclear families, and more often on the losing side of close elections. It consists of three geographically dispersed regions: Arlington, Cambridge, and Somerville; the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket along with the Cape Cod communities of Falmouth, Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet; and most of the western third of the state, including the college towns of Amherst and Northampton.

Anonymous said...

5 1/2 miles away from his "house?" What the hell, he's blind drunk 90% of the time anyway!

Anonymous said...

A notable man from Nantucket,
told renewable wind farms to suck it...

Heiko said...

Congratulations on getting noticed by instapundit, your page views must have zoomed skyward.

And by the way, I now live (though I write this from the UK where I am wrapping up some things) in the Nethelands just in the backyard of an offshore wind turbine park. The place where I live is called Heiloo, and it's just inland of Egmond aan Zee.

I think the distances are quite comparable to Cape Wind and the picture on page 26 of the presentation is quite illustrative of how much you can see, when you see anything at all of the turbines.

A few weeks ago, the sun was shining, and the view seemed good, but still we just plain couldn't make out the wind turbines at all. To see them you need a clear day.

Jesse Jenkins said...

Hi Heiko,

Thanks for the great perspective from someone who actually lives with one of these 'terrible monstrosities' in their 'backyards.'

Jesse Jenkins said...

Wow, you were right Heiko. My hit count went up by a factor of 10 this week!

Welcome to all you new readers. Hopefully you'll take a look around the site and come back again.

Anonymous said...

"This video is no longer available"