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Monday, September 10, 2007

Invest in Our Future, Support the Youth Delegation of Conscience

Please support the Youth Delegation of Conscience to Bali.

SustainUs Together[From: It's Getting Hot in Here]

This fall promises a groundswell of activism that will break through the barriers of what is commonly believed to be politically possible. The combined impacts of Power Shift 2007, Step It Up 2, the National Climate Fast, International Day of Climate Action, No War - No Warming, and the launch of the second year of the Campus Climate Challenge is going to stun political insiders who assume they have mapped the landscape. However, as young activists we are expected to perform grassroots activism. What they will not expect will be us crashing the gates of international climate negotiations. But we have done it before.

In Montreal, we changed the world. It's Getting Hot in Here told the story of how a ragtag group of youth climate activists shook apart the conventional wisdom of international climate negotiations. Our best and brightest took to the streets to show the world that there was the passion for change in the United States and that we would force change at home and they could move forward in the face of President Bush's resistance to any solution to global warming.

In Bali, this December, the world's leaders and diplomats will meet once more...this time to determine the mandate for what will be the next and most dangerous step in furthering international climate action. Bush and his Big Oil soaked negotiators want to replace binding international targets with airy promises and voluntary, aspirational goals. It would be folly to let him do it when he has so little time in office.

We have one response. We are sending a Youth Delegation of Conscience to the Bali negotiations. We will call upon the leaders of the world to remember their own children, whose future they hold in their hands. We will call for intergenerational and international climate justice. Our delegation will bring messages of hope, stories of pain, and focus the will of the climate activists here upon these distant meetings. But we need your help.

Our 22 person Youth Delegation of Conscience is entirely organized by volunteers and together we are putting in thousands of volunteer hours to make this happen. We have received our accreditation for the conference and are putting together communications teams, policy statements, and building bridges with international youth groups and dozens of organizations. You can meet the delegation, here. But we need your support to get us to Bali. is a website that directs people towards contributing online to charities. They are currently offering a matching grant to the six organizations with the most contributors between now and September 16th. The important thing is the number of contributions, not the amount. The minimum contribution is only $10. If we can get 300 of us to contribute at least $10, all of the money contributed up to $10,000 will be matched. To invest in our future, use the link below.

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