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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Man of Action: Ted Glick Still Fasting for the Climate After 21 Days!

On September 4th, I joined 1200 others in the Climate Emergency Fast to call attention to the human face of climate change. The fast was timed to put pressure on Congress to take action to solve the climate crisis as they returned from summer holidays.

On that day, most of us voluntarily gave up food for one day to feel pangs of hunger and remember that as global warming intensifies, it will bring with it much more extensive hunger worldwide, especially in poorer countries, as drought, intense storms, glacial melting and sea level rise take their toll.

Many individuals though began fasts on September 4th that lasted much longer than one day. A few strongly committed and inspiring activists are continuing to fast to this day, a full three weeks later, including Climate Emergency Fast organizer. In this short video, Ted talks candidly about why he is committed to a prolonged fast for the climate and about why he feels so strongly that he is willing to give up food for three weeks and counting:

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