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Monday, August 01, 2005

About Alisha Fowler

Alisha works with the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) as an Educator and their Online Media Maven. She visits high schools around the San Francisco Bay Area to give informative and empowering assembly presentations to students about climate science and solutions. When not in the classroom, she is busy honing ACE's online community for high school students and helping them take action to fight climate change (check out ACE on Twitter).

A native of greater Philadelphia, Alisha graduated with a B.A. in geoscience and environmental studies from Hamilton College in 2006. Before joining ACE, she worked in Communications with National Wildlife Federation in Washington, DC, where she performed media work around a massive global warming campaign. Last summer, she served as a Summer Fellow with the Breakthrough Institute. Alisha also blogs at ItsGettingHotInHere, Sacred Living, and Solve Climate. In her free time, Alisha enjoys biking the hills of Berkeley, camping, baking, and answering the call of the mountains!

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