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Monday, August 01, 2005

About Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward is a blogger, activist, and lover of all things engaging and proactive.

She graduated summa cum laude in 2005 from Valparaiso University with a bachelor of arts in English and New Media - Journalism. She returned to Portland, OR, to work with nonprofits, dabble in consulting and web design.

Amy now gets paid to be a new media and communications specialist for a prominent Pacific Northwest private foundation. She doesn't get paid to run a blog on nonprofit technology ( or assist with local and international organizations working to make a sustainable, just, and prosperous energy future and social climate.

She has worked with many organizations, including: Energy Action Coalition, The Bus Project, Global Women's Leadership Network, Chalkboard Project, Yes on Measure 49 Campaign, E3, and The Caring Place.

She is most passionate about helping nonprofits take advantage of new media and the tools developing every day to make organizations more successful. At the foundation, she has the great opportunity to provide training events to nonprofits and maintain the organization's new media blog.

Amy believes that if we don't save our environment, there won't be much use in focusing on new media tools for communication and community building, though, so she moonlights as a climate activist.

In addition to trying to save the world, like most people she knows, Amy enjoys biking, backpacking, hiking, writing, baking, and enjoying all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer with her husband, puppy, and wonderful friends.

Disclaimer: the views and opinions presented by authors of this blog are solely their own and in no way represent the views, opinions or official positions (or grant making processes) of their employers or any other organizations they may be associated with, nor of other authors that contribute to this blog, unless explicitly stated... yatta yatta yatta... you know the drill.

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