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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye with Congress? Want to?

The buzz in Congress about Focus the Nation has representatives calling our Civic Engagement Director asking “Where is my invitation?” Want to know what your rep has to say about global warming? Here’s how: The Green Democracy model is providing a day of carbon-neutral DC-to-district engagement on Global Warming Solutions for America.

There is no excuse for Congress not to give us the dialogue we deserve on real policy solutions. We’re working with Sight Speed and Congress to set up a room in the Capitol on January 31st, where politicians will sit down and video chat with their constituents back home in a non-partisan, solution-oriented discussion on climate change.

Many teams have already sent the first wave of invitations. What about your senators and representatives? If you’re a Focus the Nation organizer, get those invitations sent in before the winter holidays – we’ve already written them – all you have to do is print, sign and send! If you aren’t, find a team in your town to help out or sign up to form one right now!

Are you being adequately represented in Congress? Make your voice heard on January 31st?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this no carbon day is an interesting idea, but we have to do more than this. We all talk about reducing carbon emissions, but we just started to invest in this field and try to develop technologies. Still, I think that many people do not see the main issue here. The climate is more affected by the oceans and not by carbon emissions in the atmosphere. It would be better if we could study the influence of oceans on climate change