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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Youth Climate Activists Featured on House Select Committee, Discovery Channel, MTV, Treehugger, and Sierra Club Radio

With the wrap-up of Power Shift, youth activists are getting the attention they deserve - testifying before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming and being featured on Treehugger, Discovery Networks, and Sierra Club Radio. Oh yeah, and our own Jessy Tolkan destroying Pat Buchanan on Hardball. Post any more media hits you have in the comments!


“Ring, Ring,” Elizabeth Martin-Perera, a Climate Policy Specialist with the NRDC’s Climate Center picks up the phone. It’s an acquaintance at BP. The voice on the other end asks, “What is this Power Shift thing that I keep hearing about. Is it something I should know about? Should I be concerned?” Powershift: Save the Polar Bears, Save the Humans

Discovery Channel:
Young People bring Green Demands to Capitol Hill. See it here

Thousands of students from across the country gather in Washington, D.C., to shift attention to climate change and other green causes. See it here.

Sierra Club Radio
Sierra Club Radio host Orli Cotel is featuring a special show on "Youth and the Environment." The radio show interviews 17-year-old activists Q' Orianka Kilcher and Erica Fernandez, winners of this year's Brower Youth Award and Kim Teplitzky from Power Shift 07, the largest youth climate conference that took place this past weekend in Washington D.C. Also featured is Sierra Magazine's list of Top 10 "green" colleges and universities with Sierra Club's Jennifer Hattam. Download and listen to it yourself!

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