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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Help Elect Energy Smart Jeff Merkley and Give Obama the Team He Needs

Help elect Jeff Merkley to the United States Senate

As a native Oregonian (now in exile in California), I strongly endorse Jeff Merkely in his bid for the United States Senate. Merkley is a truly Energy Smart candidate, and would be a far stronger champion of the new energy future Oregon and the nation needs than Senator Gordon Smith.

Merkley learned his Energy Smarts while Speaker of the Oregon House, where he presided over the biggest clean energy session in Oregon history in 2007, when the Oregon legislature passed the Oregon Renewable Energy Act (25% by 2025 RPS) and a Renewable Fuels Standard encouraging the production of next generation biofuels, expanded critical renewable energy tax credits for businesses and homes, set aggressive new energy efficiency standards, protected the state's smart growth planning system and more. As Merkley himself says, the 2007 Oregon Legislature he led was probably the most Energy Smart legislature in the nation, and a prelude to the Energy Smart US Congress we need in 2009.

Jeff Merkley currently holds a small lead over Gordon Smith, but with just 12 days to go until election day, this is a tight race. That means it's one that you can make a big difference in, helping an Energy Smart Candidate win, and making a huge energy smart pickup in the Senate.

In short: do what you can to support Merkley's bid for the Senate. He's well worth it.

But don't take it from me. Listen to Jeff himself. Here's a clip of Energy Smart Jeff speaking about the energy challenge and the opportunities of a new energy economy at Netroots Nation earlier this year:

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