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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Take a Spin in the Cars of the Future

I just came across three videos from short 60 Minute segments that take a close look at (and inside) four electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars that'll make you anxious for the day you can leave the gas station behind. From GM's Chevy Volt plug-in and it's competitor from California, the Fisker Karma to the electric Tesla Roadster and the airplane-like, ultra-efficient Aptera, each of these cars is competing to be the car of the future. So take a spin...

(two more below the fold...)

There's more photos of the production version of the Chevy Volt here as well. The muscle-car of the early concept models originally unveiled in February 2007 has been replaced by a sleeker, more aerodynamic vehicle that's a higher-tech-looking version of the Honda Civic or Toyota Prius and Camry hybrids it'll likely compete with (lower drag = higher fuel efficiency, so that's no surprise). The new production version, slated to hit showrooms in model year 2011 was displayed last week at the 2008 Paris Auto Show.

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