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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Invite the President Elect to the (Climate) Party in Poland!

No matter who wins the presidential election, they're going to have a tough job ahead of them. Digging out from eight years of President Bush's go-it-alone, damn-the-international-community, climate-delayer doctrine and restoring our standing as a member of the international community is a job you've got to a little bit crazy to sign up for. But either Barack Obama or John McCain are going to inherit that task on November 4th, and they don't have to wait until inauguration day to get started.

This December, the international community will come together again in Poland to work towards a plan to address the climate crisis. Both presidential candidates talk a big game on climate change, and they've got a big opportunity to walk the talk this December by attending the climate talks and re-engaging the United States in the quest to turn our climate crisis into an opportunity to ignite a new sustainable and prosperous global energy system. So let's make sure the next President-elect - whoever he may be - is invited to the climate party in Poland. just launched a new campaign to send Obama and McCain thousands of invitations to engage in the Poland climate talks in December. Take a second to send the next President-elect an invitation here.

Here's a video from explaining the invitation campaign:

So what are you waiting for: invite Obama and McCain to the party in Poland!

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