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Friday, April 10, 2009

VIDEO: "America's Youth is Getting Angry"

This may be the best media coverage of the historic Power Shift 2009 summit, which brought 12,000 young people to Washington DC to train, connect, lobby and rally for a clean energy future. I wrote an in-depth three part series about Power Shift 2009 and the dynamic youth climate and clean energy movement here. Check out this video that captures much of what this youth movement is fighting for and how they are making change:

See more of WattHead's coverage of Power Shift 2009 here, including videos of keynote speakers like Van Jones, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, as well as interviews with Congressman Ed Markey, Energy Action Coalition founder Billy Parish and President of the Apollo Alliance, Jerome Ringo.

[Hat tip to Tommaso Boggia who originally posted this at]

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