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Friday, May 22, 2009

Young Climate Champions vs. Politicians and Old King Coal

Originally posted by our friends at Campus Progress:

15 people of all ages, were arrested this morning while obstructing Representative Boucher ’s (D-VA) office. Rick Boucher is the second largest recipient of coal money in congress (preceded only by fellow Democrat and Energy and Resources committee member John Dingell from Michigan) and many of his constituents are getting fed up with him for voting in favor of King Coal and against the economic well-being of his district. This action was the latest chapter in an escalating series of attempts by Virginia Tech students to meet with their legislator about the climate crisis, all attempts that were blatantly ignored by his scheduler. Throughout this time, instead of listening to his constituents, Rick Boucher met with coal lobbyists and negotiated behind closed doors to weaken the American Clean Energy and

After spending 4 months waiting for a response from Boucher’s scheduler, our friends at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network got fed up and organized an incredibly inspiring sit-in to obstruct Rick Boucher’s office due to his own obstruction of working-class and climate friendly legislation.


goo said...

I usually do not imagine, even in my wildest dreams, a collective movement in an American university set up. They are taught to be too individualistic to worry about others around them let alone climate. But this is a welcome change and I am happy about it. Bravo! World is watching you guys and gals.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your successful action! We need more civil disobedience actions since the politicians are not listening to voices that are trying to save the planet from climate disaster.