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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From Coal to Copenhagen: Focus ROOTS Fellowships

Guest-post from Mark Kimbrell
Focus Roots FellowshipsThis April, the roots of leadership were laid in the Climate movement. From Powershift to the FTN Town Hall Campaign, young people across the country moved into positions of leadership, and engaged their community and policy makers on our vital clean energy future. A sea change in the quality and quantity of leadership occurred, and on the eve of the first ever US climate legislation it continues to breed success and momentum.

Since April, certain needs have arisen that must be addressed. First, we must continue pressure on policy makers and institutions to accelerate our transition to clean energy sources, and to strengthen ACES and our local legislation. At the same time, we must fulfill the less noticed need of developing and empowering our new climate leaders.

In the name of fulfilling the latter, and to help America overcome its dependence on coal, Focus the Nation is pleased to announce the second year of its Focus Roots Fellowships: “Coal and the Road to Copenhagen.”

Across the country communities are trapped in the carbon based economy of the past. In order to accelerate the transition toward a just and prosperous clean energy future, it is critical to have a strong, diverse set of young leaders who are educated on the crisis of climate change and inspired by the opportunity to build the clean energy future. The deeper these clean energy roots reach within the community, the faster we can move toward utilizing renewable energy systems and the more prosperous the climate movement will become.

This summer, with support from Nike, Climate Ride, Youth Noise and the Danish Embassy, Focus the Nation will select two Fellows and award one $10,000 grant in each of the following categories: Sport and Art.

Between the months of August and December 2009, two lucky Fellows will receive financial and operational support from Focus the Nation to implement their idea to move their community past coal.

In addition, from September 26th through 30th, recipients will participate in Climate Ride and present their idea and/or initial progress to the other 200 riders. Then in December, with support from the Danish Embassy, the recipients will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to present their projects to the international community participating in the COP15 climate treaty negotiations. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for young climate leaders to bring the story of their community and their passion for creativity and innovation to the local, national and international stage.

Are you ready to accelerate your community past coal? Do you have an innovative, creative, and empowering idea to do just that? Are you ready to cash in on a once in a life time opportunity to turn your idea into action? If so the Focus Roots Fellowship is for you!

Climate leaders spread the word, and deepen the clean energy roots in your community!

To Apply or for more information, application dates and details, visit

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