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Friday, January 30, 2009

VIDEO: Creating Jobs in a New Energy Economy

The simultaneous collapse of our economic and ecological systems has created a great opportunity to support industries that at once rebuild the market and the planet, according to an article by economist Robert Pollin, "Doing Recovery Right," appearing in the latest issue of The Nation. The transition of the economy from a fossil-fuel to a renewable resource base will provide new jobs and revitalize the American working class, argues to Pollin, who is also the author of the in depth report "Green Recovery," examining the job creation benefits of a $100 billion, two year investment to building a clean energy economy.

"The transition to a clean energy economy has the capacity to merge the aims of environmental protection and social justice to a degree that is unprecedented," Pollin writes. "It is an opportunity that must not be lost."

In the video below, Pollin and The Nation contributor Liza Featherstone discuss the potential for public investments to spark the transition to a new energy economy and create jobs in industries both new and familiar - from construction and manufacturing to new energy and high tech industries.

For more on the power of public investments to build a new, prosperous clean energy economy, see the "Green Recovery" report and Pollin's article, "Doing Recovery Right" appearing in the current of The Nation.

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