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Friday, August 07, 2009

Todd Stern Needs High Fives

There's a lot of negative energy out there, with tea-baggers disrupting town halls, lobbyists forging fake letters, and a the growing frenzy that seems to be engulfing politics in this country. If this is how the fight for clean energy and health care reform is going to be won, and we feel like we have the people and resources to make our case strongly, than we need to step up to this challenge today.

But lets keep something in mind: we will never win by being more ass-holish than the ass-holes. We'll never be more sleazy, and we'll never be as good at saying 'No'. Even those of us that oppose the violent and dangerous coal industry are committed to offering peaceful and prosperous solutions. We, as a movement for clean energy, are positive, constructive force for change.

This week has been so busy, that this piece didn't get nearly the attention it deserved, and I want to bring it up now as we close out the week, as an positive example. Sometimes our champions just need some encouragement, they just need some high fives, so they can go fight for what we know we need.

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Mysterious youngsters clad with monochromatic signs asking for a “Strong Global Climate Treaty” appeared early Thursday morning in front of the State Department Building in Washington DC.

State employees as well as unaware commuters were welcomed by the unusual sight of individuals aligned down the street holding signs that read “Strong Global Climate Treaty, Needs Todd Stern, Todd Stern, Needs Hope, High Five,” where one of them masked as Todd Stern (Special Envoy on Climate Change for the United States) awaited them with a raised hand ready to receive the support that he needs in the form of high fives.

Besides providing an unusual sight and an unfamiliar welcome to State Department employees, these young people are holding Mr. Stern accountable for the responsibilities that his position entails, and asking him to step up and push congress to provide America with a stronger climate bill, which will in turn allow the United States to have a positive presence in Copenhagen this December at the International Climate Change Negotiations.

While the tactic used by the group to convey their message may be lighthearted, their ask is serious: A strong Global Climate Treaty is not only necessary, it's urgent. The administration, including President Obama and State Secretary Hillary Clinton, along with the White House and State Department, must be held accountable for the promises they made on the campaign trail and continue to make in office. Supporting strong climate legislation is the most effective way to keep their promises and ensure that America leads the world to a clean energy future.

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