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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Began with a Few Hundred...

This is the first post in a multi-part series on youth climate heroes from around the country.

The youth climate movement is connected like no other movement in our world's history. Thanks to the internet, we can instantly communicate with people around the country and globe and spread awareness, organize, and make change!!

It sounds almost like it should be easy by now! Like polar bears should be getting bigger, not smaller. And yet, "making change" -- and especially knowing when we are making change and what that even means-- can be really hard. Plus, it's frustratingly vague a lot of the time.

Over here at ACE, we have been lucky enough to work with over 40 high school students from around the country this summer. Many of them shared their stories with us.

And now, each week, we will share a youth climate hero story. The students we are profiling are taking one of the boldest steps, getting involved in the first place. Their projects really span the gap of what is possible and have the power to show others what it can mean to get involved.

Check out Kristine Cabugao's story:

Hailing from Angelo Rodriguez High School in Fairfield, CA, Kristine woke up to the dangers of climate disaster when she saw an Inconvenient Truth. With climate change as her new passion, she is sparking an eco-magazine at her school next year: The Remedy. Plus she scored an ACE Action Scholarship for her efforts.

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Jesse Jenkins said...

Looking forward to the new series! Thanks for bringing it to WattHead and our readers, Alisha. And nice videos ;)